Team Spirit Swag

My husband and I were both collegiate athletes. We have moved all around the country, always living in a college town. When we had 3 daughters, it was only natural to us that they play sports. And do they ever! All under the age of ten and they have already tried swimming, soccer, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, softball,volleyball and, most recently lacrosse. As toddlers, they loved being athletic and playing dress up. When they were very little, I would make bows for them to wear during their games. That soon turned into making a set of bows for the entire team. Even though they have grown, they always look forward to helping design, make and distribute bows to their teammates. Before I knew it, I was making bows for other teams as well.  Most recently, I offically starting making bows for the San Antonio Spurs. I am so fortunate to run a business I love, that makes a fun product and allows me quality time with my family. Each item I make gives me the chance to share a little bit of me with you.