I am a one person company and I generally turn the product around quickly. I ask that you give me 2 weeks from order date to shipping date. Please know this time may vary. I can often get them out much quicker.

Prices per item are as follows:


Baby Set-$10






Whether cheering for your favorite team, or playing on it, Team Spirit Swag has the perfect, custom made hair accessory for you. Share you spirit loudly and proudly as you wear a bow during your next athletic event.

Team Spirit Swag

If you can imagine some hair swag style that is not on my website, contact me. All items are custom. Bring your idea to me, and I know I can design a one of a kind just for you.

Soccer, lacrosse and softball seasons are upon us. Place you team order soon. You choose the sport, color, size and style and I create a unique bow for your team. All team bows are made on an elastic, non metal band. All team orders received by April 10. 2016, receive a 10% discount.

Custom made hair accessories with the athlete in mind.

Bows are available in 3 different styles: Classic (baby, small, medium, large), Dangle and Poof.

A baby set contains 2 bows that each measure approximately 3 inches across. Baby bows are attached to tiny alligator clips. Small, medium and large contain 1 bow each that measure approximately 4 inches , 5 inches and 6 inches across respectively. Dangles hang approximately 6 inches on each side of a ponytail/bun. Poofs stand about 2 inches high and look like a half circle. All bows, with the exception of team bow sets, are attached to alligator clips, unless otherwise specified.